The Roman Kurywczak Seminar Program Details

The Two Rivers Photography Club is pleased to announce that this year’s
Annual Photography Seminar, April 7-8, 2018 will feature noted wildlife photographer:

Roman Kurywczak    (pronounced CurryShack)

With his photographic tour company ‘Roamin’ with Roman’ he has hosted lectures and wildlife excursions across the globe.

At the club’s seminar Roman will be presenting his ‘Be Wild Be Inspired’ program that will include wildlife photography with an emphasis on portraits of birds in flight.

He hopes to inspire attendees to be wild and get out of your comfort zone with his unique techniques for capturing stunning wildlife images.

Also included in the presentation will be; Techniques for amazing night photography and how to take your MACRO images to the next level.

This will be followed up by a special Sunday session at the Tioga Gardens green house.